UN Volunteer Job

UN Volunteer Job. Is It Worth Trying or Not?

The United Nations’ contribution to the worldwide wellbeing is hard to overestimate, and a lot of the great achievements were gained thanks to the volunteers. If you are going to get a UN volunteer job, it’s a great decision, which will benefit both you and the world. Yet, there are certain points you’d like to […]

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UN job South Sudan

UN Job South Sudan. How to Start Your Career in the UN

Many people are dreaming about getting a job in the UN, as this is a good chance to boost one’s professionalism, broaden one’s outlook, and even add to the well-being of the entire planet. There are many job openings in different states and continents, and South Sudan is not an exception. There are many types […]

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United Nations careers

United Nations careers. Where to try your luck?

United Nations careers attract the best specialist by respectable positions, meaningful jobs, and unique experience. However, many professionals don’t know how to get hired by the organization or can’t even guess how to improve the skills to become good candidates. Let’s consider the possible options to get noticed by the UN and improve employment chances. […]

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