UN job South Sudan

UN Job South Sudan. How to Start Your Career in the UN

Many people are dreaming about getting a job in the UN, as this is a good chance to boost one’s professionalism, broaden one’s outlook, and even add to the well-being of the entire planet. There are many job openings in different states and continents, and South Sudan is not an exception. There are many types of work to suit various needs, so be sure you will find the position you are dreaming about. So, what are your chances of getting a UN job South Sudan and how to apply for it? Let’s make it clear.

UN Job South Sudan. How to Get It?

There are several career options for you to choose from. You may be surprised by the amount of job offers available, but remember that each of them has its requirements. So, you’d better make sure you are a good candidate for the position before applying. So, here are the common requirements for many positions:

  • Good knowledge of French and English languages is essential. Besides, if you can speak other languages, it will also be very helpful, as the UN has job offers in different countries. So, knowledge of several foreign languages increases your chances of getting a job greatly.
  • Your education. It’s better to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree if you are dreaming of getting a really good position. Speaking about lower ones (like secretarial), you will be required to provide your high school diploma only. Besides, you’ll have to present some proof of your working experience.
  • Your working experience. It depends on the position you have selected, but usually, people should have the experience to get a good job.

UN Job South Sudan for Different People

The UN has something to offer to different people with different qualifications. So, let’s focus on several categories.

UN Job South Sudan for Professionals

Professionals are always welcomed in the UN, as they are needed in different continents and countries. So no wonder such positions require good skills, knowledge, and work experience. Besides, be flexible, as working on a position from this category you will have to travel a lot.

UN Job South Sudan: General Services

As a rule, there are many vacant positions in this category, but the vast majority of people are interested in such offers the most, as the salary is good.

UN Job South Sudan: How to Apply

The procedure of applying for a job is not a complicated one. Nevertheless, it’s better to browse a website to be well-versed of what the organization has to offer and if there is anything to interest you. So, the best variant is to proceed to the following instruction:

  1. First of all, visit career.un.org and look for a job offers via the “Search Job Openings”
  2. Filter those that seem interesting and select “South Sudan”
  3. Choose the most interesting offer
  4. Create a profile on inspira.un.org. 
  5. Create a job application, go back to the job you’ve chosen, and click the “Apply” button.

You’re all done!