un jobs in ethiopia

UN jobs in Ethiopia. Applying for a UN job in Ethiopia

Working for the UN is an excellent possibility for ambitious people to build a successful career. Since Ethiopia takes a significant role in the UN as one of the founding members, it is a wonderful place for your professional growth. Moreover, the economic status of this country is rising, creating suitable conditions and better opportunities for employment. Therefore, the UN team requires skilled and responsible workers in order to provide high-quality services.

UN jobs in Ethiopia. Why apply for a UN job in Ethiopia?

If you are looking for a prestigious job for the UN and still have not decided on the place, here is the list of reasons to consider Ethiopia as a perfect choice. 

  • Socially stable country;
  • Promising promotion opportunities;
  • Well-paid job positions;
  • Career possibilities in various areas;
  • A great chance to contribute to the society;
  • Multicultural environment;
  • Comfortable work conditions.

You will find even more benefits of working for the UN in this location. However, these are the main factors that should be taken into account while seeking a job. If they are important to you, then Ethiopia will definitely meet your expectations.

un jobs in ethiopia

UN jobs in Ethiopia. UN career options in Ethiopia

Practically, everyone who seeks a job for the UN in Ethiopia can get it through a standard employment process without any difficulties in various fields. The most common UN job classifications are National Officers, General Services, Professional category, and Field Services. The first two categories are available for locally-recruited employees and Ethiopian citizens. The last two are open to all international job seekers and most of the time include educational mentoring and free accommodation. A lot of people start working for the UN as temporary workers and consultants. You also can apply for an internship or volunteer programs which may not be that highly-paid but can provide you with invaluable experience and all necessary conditions for living. 

UN jobs in Ethiopia. Application process

The procedure of application is not difficult and time-consuming. In order to apply for a job position in the UN, you can go to United Nations Careers (https://careers.un.org) which is the main job site or to UN jobs (https://unjobs.org) which can also be extremely useful. Here are the main steps of applying for a UN job in Ethiopia.

  1. Look for job openings (here you can see all positions available and sort them in accordance with your criteria);
  2. Create a profile and prepare an application (if you are an international applicant, you ought to register and create a profile and then you can fill out the application form);
  3. Submit job application (in case you have done it successfully, you will get an automated email);
  4. Evaluation process (if you meet most of the requirements, you will be able to follow further steps);
  5. Assessment exercises (in order to check your skills, there can be an examination process);
  6. Interview (in case you have succeeded in all previous steps, there will be a notification about the date of interview);
  7. Selection (the applicants will receive a message informing them about the final decision). 

If you are an ambitious and skilled worker, there will be nothing complicated for you! Good luck!