UN Salary Calculator

UN Salary Calculator. What Impacts Salary in the United Nations

United Nations is a highly respected organization that hires only the best employees. To afford such a principle of recruitment, it needs to be able to keep the salary range at a high level. At the same time, the UN cannot assign different salaries to the employees of the same unit with a similar level of experience and skills. The organization made the amount of compensation easy to count for anyone interested in UN salary calculator. The complexity of work and responsibilities define the level of compensation, and it is reflected in the ICSC method of classification.

The highest category of jobs

The Noblemaire Principle declares that the UN has to be able to recruit professionals of all the member countries regardless of the salary levels. It means that the compensation for high category employees is to follow an international standard, not local. However, the salaries are subjected to post adjustments, thus making purchasing power approximately the same for professionals in different countries. Besides, the specialists get a rental subsidy, travel costs coverage, dependency allowances, and other payments that cover additional expenses related to job relocation.

Field service also recruits employees internationally, thus the compensation level depends on the worldwide scale, as well.

General services jobs

Salaries for the staff from this category is defined by the Flemming principle, according to which the employees are to get the payments equal to the highest prevailing ones on the local market. General service representatives are hired locally, which means that they are to be the nationals of the country where they get a job.

National professional officers have a high level of job responsibilities, however, they are hired locally without the need to relocate. Thus, their compensation is kept on a local salary level.

UN salary calculator

Besides the duty station and job category, compensation also depends on position grade and step. An average salary for P-3 posts of the 1st step is about $90 000 per year in New York as of 2020; yet, considering post adjustments, it is reduced in countries with the lower cost of living. For instance, this number is approximately $70 000 in the Dominican Republic.

Another important factor for UN salary calculator is work experience. It defines if you get entry, middle, or senior level of the position. For the Professionals’ category, it is also important how many years you have spent holding UN posts and how many assignments you have. If the job responsibilities provide for a change of the residence, the organization will pay off the compensation for the dependents, children’s’ education, and insurances.

The salary calculation for the local staff is less complex. In addition to the duty station, the other impactors are grade and step of the position, language allowance, and insurance coverage.

To clarify all the factors’ impact on compensation and to make the UN salary calculation easy, the UNDP has developed estimation tools for local jobs and international positions. It is available to everyone in open web access.