UN Volunteer Job

UN Volunteer Job. Is It Worth Trying or Not?

The United Nations’ contribution to the worldwide wellbeing is hard to overestimate, and a lot of the great achievements were gained thanks to the volunteers. If you are going to get a UN volunteer job, it’s a great decision, which will benefit both you and the world. Yet, there are certain points you’d like to consider before applying.

Benefits of UN volunteering

Besides the contribution to maintaining peace and supporting UN missions, volunteers are able to get a unique experience, improve knowledge of foreign languages, and enrich their soft skills. Comparing to UN employees, volunteers usually grow faster within a shorter period. Volunteering is similar to a UN internship, and it has the same benefits. However, it may last longer and involve more important missions. Unlike interns, volunteers get a living allowance and health insurance. After work side-by-side with other professionals, your resume will become much more catchy and competitive.

Candidates for UN volunteer job

There are three categories with different requirements and roles.

International volunteers

This program needs people who are 25 or more years old, speak English, French, or Spanish, have a university degree, and at least 2 years of relevant job experience. Besides, the international missions may be held in stressful conditions, thus you need to be adaptive and stress-resistant.

National volunteers

Unlike international, this program doesn’t provide an opportunity to get to know other cultures, but as a national volunteer, you may communicate with professionals from other countries. Besides, this is one of the best opportunities to help your homeland. The UN considers only nationals of a country as candidates for local volunteers. To apply for this role, you need to reach 22 years, be fluent in English, French, or Spanish and a local language. It also is required to have a University degree and 2 or more years of work experience.

Online volunteers

Online volunteers need to have relevant knowledge and skills to contribute to the mission. However, the possibility to apply requires one of the following conditions:

  • to be registered at UNV’s service for online volunteers;
  • to be accredited by ECOSOC;
  • to work with UN Country Teams.

These requirements are to assure the organization that you are qualified enough for the role.

How to apply for UN volunteering

The first step to becoming a UN volunteer is to create your profile at the UNV talent pool. You can create a profile either on English, French, or Spanish language. Yet, remember that if you choose French or Spanish, the organization will consider a limited number of countries where to send you. International volunteers cannot choose the country of the mission since the UN distributes the volunteers as needed. After you have registered, check open roles at unv.org. Remember that a volunteer program can last from 3 to 12 months. Therefore, if you are approved to participate in the program, make sure you are ready to go to the mission. UN volunteer job is a great opportunity, and you won’t regret taking it. Accept the challenge and be ready to get an unforgettable experience!